The Cassutto Family Web Album
Fall, 2018


Thanks for visiting our humble spot on the web. The Cassuttos have gone through some major changes since the last update. In that light, I have decided to reduce the scope of the Family Web Album to just a few photos that can fit on this page. 

Take a look at the kids and how they've grown:

Glorie, Grace,  Gabe, and dad
Glorie, Grace, Gabriel, and George: The 4 G Network

Grace is 25 is works for a non-profit in Frederick, MD (New Spire Arts)
Grace has created a series of photostories  about the 3 Gs.
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Glorie is our shining star. 
She's a 21 year-old senior at Hood College
majoring in Social Work.
Gabe is 23. He's ia field organizer for the 2018 David Trone for Congress campaign
When he was eight, he was into the Titanic.


Who is this guy, anyway?

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More on the Dutch Cassuto family, especially family history,  can be found at the website of 

Rob Cassutto

Thanks again for visiting and enjoy the pictures.

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