Impressions of a High School Hallway

The reckless mind of youth surrounds me
as I wander these halls of learning.
Impetuousness and impulsiveness
sound haphazard against common sense,
which is only granted by genetics
and by culture's necessities
when one's beard begins 
to scrape against the rules
and when one's desires begin to flower.

The restraint of regulations controls
my choices and my chances,
but these prototypes of grown-ups
disregard such mental seat belts.
Their society revels in rebellion;
their songs sing nonsense syllables
now censored by the gray panthers
whose hippie flowers have fallen
on the ash-heap of materialism.

These adult children will one day
ridicule the art of their own offspring.
"Turn down that noise!" will echo
through family dwellings of the future.
They will strap themselves in
once the strength of living
has been tested and tasted.

George Cassutto

George Cassutto's Cyberlearning World

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