Daniel's Story

Entry 4: Daniel's Story

Students viewed a video entitled "Daniel's Story," which was a composite of the experience a child in nazi-occupied Europe. Students were asked to respond to one or more of these questions:

A) How did Daniel cope when he was discriminated against by the Nazis?
B) How do you cope when you experience discrimination?
C) Discuss this quotation: "Whatever we call a person or a group sets up the way we treat them."
D) Write a journal entry as if you were Daniel that describes a major event in your life.
E) Write and explain a one-line message to Daniel that reflects your feelings about his story.
F) Could events similar to those that led to the Holocaust occur today in the US? Could the rights of a certain group of people be taken away? How could public attitude towards a single group be completely altered? Explain your answer

I do not think that a Holocaust could happen in the United States because
of the laws that exist and because of the way things have changed so much
however I suppose that it is still possible to walk into school one day and
see people lined up on one side of the hall way having patches sewn to there
clothes or being taken off to far places and never seeing any thing of home
again, never seeing you Mom or dad or that stupid fish that you always forget
to feed. I guess that a Holocaust is possible in the United States.

Lauren K.

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The narrator in a film called Danielís Story was in an unemotional tone of voice because this was not the real person and he doesnít know the real feeling of surviving the Holocaust.  Danielís story didnít really happen the story was about a young boy who did not exist.  The film is a collection of stories put together.

In the film Daniel coped with his discrimination by never losing faith and always believing that he would live through it all.

Mike S.

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May 2, 2001
Yes, I believe that another Holocaust could happen, especially toward the African Americans.  Nowadays, it isn't as bad as it was before, but still, I see people being racists all the time to them.  This is the reason why we want kids to learn about the Holocaust, so peoples' lives today will not be completely altered by something like the Holocaust back in WWII.

Kerstin B.

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May 2, 2001

No, I have not been discriminated against unless it was behind my back. Most people I know have been discriminated for being fat, short, ugly, smart, etc. But I always tell them you are who you are, and the only reason they are making fun of you is because they have problems.

Emily R.


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May 2, 2001

I think that "Whatever we call a person or a group sets up the way we will treat them" is really taken into perspective with what happened to the Jews, Gypsies, and others who were discriminated against because they were "the lesser people, unequal" and such, and they were treated like prisoners.


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Dear Daniel,

I feel that the story shows how sometimes hatred can cause people to do things that are foolish. And I see that everyday of my life because I sometimes see or hear people judging other people about their clothes, race, body shape, etc. So I also go through the same thing. An I feel the same way too.

Cesar M.

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    Daniel coped by remembering his family and when there were no Nazis stealing from them.  It would be extremely hard but I would remember times when I was with my family  because it was so much fun.  I would probably feel better after thinking of them.  

You should never set up a group of people and treat them any way different from anyone else.

       Yes, it [The Holocaust] could happen very easily.  I think so because if the economy is very low and people's hopes and spirits are too then someone like Hitler could come in and change what people think.  And if the belief is spread wide enough the government could lose control.

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May 2, 2001

ďDanielís StoryĒ

            Yes, events similar to those that led to the Holocaust could occur
again today, though I donít think they ever will. The rights of a certain
group of people can be taken away by discrimination. If people hated another
group of people, they could certainly protest and refuse to sit with or
socialize with those certain people, but with our society today, I donít think
that any legal discrimination would take place. Public attitude towards a
single group of people could be completely altered, if a man such as Hitler
were to tell everyone that a specific group was bad and that they should be
destroyed, again, though, I donít think this will ever happen.


Michelle C.

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