Katie's Poem

Whether you're black, white, Jewish, Catholic, you are of one race. A race that all bleed red blood, breath all the same air, and all have a wonderful potential. A race so great, that we all have the same rights and responsibilities, and we all work hard just to make a decent life, only to receive half the respect that we deserve. 

Especially one man that I can think of. A man that was good to the core. This man was put through horrible things, yet he kept his head high. This man was treated as nothing more than a filthy rat, and yet, he forgave all that was done to him. This man is one of the purest of heart. This man's name is Ernest Cassutto, and he was put through all of that because he was classified according to his faith.

We can all learn a very important lesson from this honorable man. Even though a person isn't the way that you like, they still deserve respect. Even though people may hate a certain culture, for whatever reason, they don't deserve any mistreatment, violent acts, or discrimination because of skin color, religion, or culture.

We the kids today are a young generation, but that doesn't mean that we have to be naive about racism today. We can stop racism, one person, just one can make a huge difference. So I ask you, right here and now, are you with me? Together we can make tomorrow better than yesterday, and plan a better future for us, and our kids.


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