Iesus Christus Rex Judaeorum

Crucified For Us(For Maundy Thursday)

His body is no longer wrapped
in the damp darkness of the sepulcher
Like Thomas we can now truly touch
The stigmata of the Suffering Servant.

In Gethsemane, while the three escaped the storms
of the coming hours on their own shores
In Galilee's dreamscape,
He prayed sweating the blood of Man's sins.

As the breath of soldiers carried spit,
shame struck across the cheek He turned.
The face that once shone with the Spirit was now dark,
mocked in His Father's House.

The flagellum landed upon his back and legs
thirty nine times cutting into His skin.
To keep the ancient law (even with a miscount)
the Centurion could not exceed the number.

A scepter was placed into His weakened hand
and a crown capped the soldier's thorny sadism.
Our iniquities collected clotting His wounds
only to be reopened as they removed his robe.

The cold sweat of shock soaked into wood
as He stumbled under the weight of His agony.
Simon of Cyrene heeded the centurion's whip
to help the Nazarene down the Way of Pain.

The sinful spikes we pounded deep into flesh
crushed bone and muscle that once taught love.
The breath of Life became paralyzed and short
drawn to speak the seven words of the cross.

His legs were not broken, nor was His Spirit
for it had been given to the Father in love.
The sentence of death by broken heart
was executed for us that we might go free.

George Cassutto

Image based on clip-art from
The Jesus Gallery

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