Mr. Cassutto's Student Web Page Project Check List

When you think you have completed your web page project, take a look at the following items. Review your project within your text editor, and take a look at what it looks like in a web browser. If it looks like the following elements have been completed to the point where you would be proud to reveal your work to the world, then let's upload!

Example of a web page resource:

Buckman Elementary School, Room 100. (1996). Dr. King Timeline [World Wide Web]. Available: Kindergarten, first, and second graders at this Oregon school illustrated the life of Martin Luther King. A must see as example for any online project oriented curricular project.
An example of a book resource:
Walker, Martin. The President We Deserve: Bill Clinton: His Rise, Falls, and Comebacks. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc. 1996

  • Have you included all parenthetical notes for material that came from your sources, for example (Cassutto, pg. 1) ?

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