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Why Develop a Course in Internet and Web Design?

With the advancement of technology in this day and age, computer skills are essential in the job market now and will only become more vital in the future. As a student at North Hagerstown High School I know that the courses offered in Washington County Schools are not technologically friendly. It's like we are living in the Stone Age. 

The only two Computer Science related courses offered at North Hagerstown High School are Computer Programming in C and Internet and Web Design. Internet and Web Design is a part of a Computer Applications class which divides the semester into three separate classes, leaving each class only six weeks to teach the subject. Internet and Web Design can not be taught in a mere six weeks. 

Mr. Cassutto (a Social Studies teacher) took it upon himself to introduce North Hagerstown High to the Internet. Donating personal computers, and raising money to buy computers (pretty much "busting his chops"), he was able to introduce a class on internet and web design to the students. Due to only six weeks of time, and computers that could be classified as antiques, students are left with knowing just enough to create the basic web page. There is just too much to teach in so little time. As a student that enrolled in the class, I know first-hand the situation, and something really needs to be done.

Mr. Cassutto and I took it upon ourselves to learn more advanced techniques of web design. Being able to develop a good web page is a skill extremely valuable to the future of the internet, and in some cases the future of the student. Web developers can make an excellent living, and they are in great demand. 

We both decided it was time to do something about the situation. Mr. Cassutto and I have developed a curriculum, one that lasts for a full eighteen-week semester, on Internet and Web Design. Currently we have submitted our course proposal to the Washington County Board of Education (WCBOE), and are making a plea for some modern computers. We will keep you posted on the situation.

This page is dedicated to the development of the course curriculum and exercises that can be used to test one's level of knowledge. 

                                                                      Marc L.


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