Objective 2.B.1:
Identifying the HTML code.

What is HTML?  HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.  It is the main computer language used in the development of web pages.  One may ask, "What does HTML look like?"  The answer to that question is quite simple.  HTML uses words enclosed in brackets.  These brackets tell the web browser that a command will be executed.  For example, examine this line of HTML.

<TITLE>Identifying the HTML Code</TITLE>

The brackets tell the browser to look for a command between them.  In this case the command is title. This command tells the browser that the following words will be this page's title.  All HTML tags end by simply placing a slash between the initial bracket and the word.  In this case it is </TITLE>. This tells the browser to end the title.  Therefore, all text between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> will be the title of the web page.

That line of code came directly from this web page. Take a minute and look around your screen and try to identify where the title appears.

If you guessed that it was the line of text under Objective 2.B.1, you are incorrect. That is called a header.

The correct place to look would be the top left corner of the window. As you can see on the image to the right, this is where the title is displayed. Those of you that got that one right give yourselves a pat on the back. Those who answered incorrectly don't lose any sleep over it, you'll have plenty of time to redeem yourselves.

In conclusion, you will find that it is quite easy to identify the HTML language. The single most simple way to identify the HTML language is that the entire code for the page must start with the tag <HTML>.  This tells the browser that it is a web site, and the HTML language will follow.  So if the page starts with <HTML> and contains all of the HTML code, what must the page end with? The tag </HTML>.

This concludes the lesson, thank you for visiting and we hope to see you back to learn more.

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