Netscape Composer Tables Quiz Answers

1._D__ Which letter points to where you can insert the width, in pixels or percentage of window, of the table?
2._B__ Which letter points to where you would click to insert an image as the table background?
3._A__ Which letter points to the number of rows this table will contain?
4._C__ Which letter points to the number of columns this table will contain?

Short Answer
1. Letter "E" points to a setting that allows the user to set the table in two ways, pixels and what else?
    Percent of Window
2. How many pixels wide would this table's border be?
3. What is the hexadecimal code for the table background color red?
4. How is this table aligned on the page?
5. Will there be a caption along with this table on the page? If so where?
    Yes, below the table.
6. How many pixels in height will this table be on the page?
7. If you were to put a border around an image using a table, what values would you use for cell spacing and cell padding? (A good bonus question)
    cell spacing = 0
    cell padding = 0

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