Lesson Plan: Computer Applications


Objectives: The students will

I. become familiar with the web-based projects underway during the school year;

II. determine what their own interests are in respect to participating in the web-based projects;

III. make a decision regarding how they will participate in the web-based projects of the course.
Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): What Is Cool About the World Wide Web?

A) Have students write three descriptive sentences that describe what they believe are factors that make the World Wide Web (WWW) valuable or interesting.

B) Have students discuss these qualities aloud and post on the board.

Main Activity (Instructional Input): Tour The Web Site

A) Have students review the major elements of the North High Web Site (link below to main page and web site directory).

B) Instruct students to keep watching for areas of the web site in which they might want to participate.

Examples (Modeling): The Web Site Structure

A) As the web site is explored, have students think about the following elements:

Check For Understanding: Making Choices

A) Distribute to students a written description of the 1999-2000 Web Based Projects. These are listed below:

1) Departments: The web site will be divided into major editorial departments that must be maintained by the students. A description of these departments will be posted soon. Please visit the web site directory to have a view of the major departments existing currently.

2) An Interactive Atlas of Western Maryland and Surrounding Areas: Students will gather data and graphics on historical sites and points of interest in and around Western Maryland. The final result will be a clickable map of Western Maryland that will yield information on those sites.

3) Individual projects: Students will engage in web page development regarding areas of their own interest of academic nature. These can cover any subject area, but they must constitute a resource for web users who arrive at the NHHS web site.

These projects will be described in greater detail on their own pages as time allows.

Guided Practice: Students Exploring

A) Students will be exploring downloaded versions of the school's web site.
B) Students must commit to some aspect of all three of the projects by the end of this week.

Homework (Independent Practice): Web Exploration

A) If students have web access, they must locate one school web site that contains a characteristic that our web site should contain. Students will share their web addresses in class.

B) If students lack access, they must develop a suggested topic that our web site should contain in their opinion.

Wrap-Up Activity (Closure): Reviewing the Yearbook

Have students review recent yearbooks of the school. Have them identify areas of the yearbook that should be replicated on the web site.

Evaluation: The lesson will be evaluated by:

I. the accuracy of student's written responses;

II. student's scores on future tests and quizzes.

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