Image: the Articles of Perpetual Union

The Articles of Confederation vs.
The US Constitution

Image: We the People

Write the word Articles if the item is found in the Articles of Confederation. If the Constitution is described, write Constitution.


1) Legislature

_Constitution_: Bicameral, called Congress, divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate.

__ Articles __:            Unicameral, called Congress.


2) Members of Congress

__ Articles __:            Between two and seven members per state.

_Constitution_: Two Senators per state, Representatives apportioned according to population of each state.


3) Voting in Congress

_Constitution_: One vote per Representative or Senator.

__ Articles __:            One vote per state.


4) Appointment of members

__ Articles __:            All appointed by state legislatures, in the manner each legislature directed.

_Constitution_: Representatives elected by popular vote, Senators appointed by state legislatures.


5) Term of legislative office

_Constitution_: Two years for Representatives, six for Senators.

__ Articles __:            One year.


6) Congressional Pay

_Constitution_: Paid by the federal government.

__ Articles __:            Paid by states.


7) Chair of legislature

_Constitution_: Speaker of the House of Representatives, Vice President is President of the Senate.

__ Articles __:            President of Congress.


8) Executive:     __ Articles __:            None               _Constitution_: President


9) National Judiciary

__ Articles __:            Maritime judiciary established.

_Constitution_: Federal judiciary established, including Supreme Court.


10) Who settles disputes between states?

_Constitution_: Supreme Court.

__ Articles __:            Congress.


11) New States

__ Articles __:            Admitted upon agreement of nine states (special exemption provided for Canada).

_Constitution_: Admitted upon agreement of Congress.


12) Amendment

__ Articles __:            When agreed upon by all states.

_Constitution_: When agreed upon by three-fourths of all states.


13) Armed forces

__ Articles __:            Congress authorized to build a navy; states authorized to equip warships; to counter piracy; Congress to decide on size of force and to requisition troops from each state according to population.

_Constitution_: Congress authorized to build a navy; states not allowed to keep ships of war; Congress authorized to raise and support armies.


14 Power to coin money and Taxation

__ Articles __:            United States and the states; taxes apportioned by Congress, collected by the states.

_Constitution_: United States only; taxes laid and collected by Congress.


15) Ratification

__ Articles __:            Unanimous consent required.

_Constitution_:          Consent of nine states required.


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