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Video Worksheet: The New Nation: 1776-1815

Birth of a New Government

___1) What was the term given to the radical new ideas of equality and government by the people?

___2) After the Revolution, on what did everyone in America agree that government should be based? 

___3) Which state developed a two house legislature and an executive branch headed by a governor?

___4) Which state developed a single-house legislature where the lower classes of society could argue with rich planters and landowners?

___5) Which state gave some free blacks and women the right to vote?

To Be A Republican

___6) Which law guaranteed that lands west of the Appalachians could join the American Union as a state?

___7) Which element of society found that it had a new role in teaching the children the values of the new republic?

___8) Name the first territory to outlaw slavery in 1777?

___9) In which American city were the first black churches established?

Shays' Rebellion

___10) Who was America's greatest trading partner, lost after America won the Revolutionary War?

___11) What two economic factors forced many Massachusetts farmers deep into debt?

___12) What was the goal of the band of men led by Daniel Shays in the winter of 1787?

The Constitutional Convention

___13) Who was convinced a whole new plan of government was needed and wrote a constitution before coming to the convention?

___14) What was the name of the plan given to the proposal for a strong central government that could tax the people and that was centered around a two house legislature with representation based on population?

___15) Which plan called for a Congress with a one-state one-vote system, allowing each state to have equal representation?

___16) What was the other name given to the Great Compromise, where each house of Congress had its own way of sending delegates, one by population and the other equally?

Am I Not A Man and A Brother?/We The People

___17) How many years did the new constitution allow the slave trade to exist after the writing of the constitution?

___18) At what fraction were blacks counted as for both representation and taxation?

___19) How many states had to agree or ratify the new federal constitution for it to go into effect?

___20) What was the name given to the series of articles written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay?

___21) Which group argued that the principles of the American revolution were violated by a constitution that created a form of government that was more like a monarchy?

___22) Which state ratified the Constitution in a hard fought political battle, winning the final vote by only 3 votes?

The Promise of Freedom/Hercules In the Cradle

___23) What is the name given to the first ten amendments, passed and ratified all at once in 1787?

___24) What was the 10th amendment designed to protect?

___25) What promise does the government make to the people as the purpose of the Bill of Rights?

___26) What position was held by Alexander Hamilton, who believed the Federal government had the responsibility to take on the states' debt?

___27) What was the name given to the uprising that made up the first challenge to the new federal government's rule?

Liberty, Fraternity, Equality/The Many or the Few?

___28) Which group favored England and feared rule by the Common People?

___29) Which group was led by Thomas Jefferson, supporting the idea that "the government that governs best governs least?"

___30) Name the two laws passed by the Federalists to restrain their political enemies, especially Jefferson's party?

The Revolution of 1800/The Marshall Court

___31) Who won the election of 1800?

___32) Who came to power in France as the French Republic and the French Revolution failed?

___33) Who established judicial review and elevated the Supreme Court to an equal third branch of government?

Word bank

Birth of a New Government

A) Consent of the People
B) Republicanism
C) Pennsylvania
D) New Jersey
E) Massachusetts
To Be A Republican

F) Philadelphia
G) Women
H) The Northwest Ordinance
I) Vermont
Shays' Rebellion

J) Tight money and rising taxes
K) Take the federal arsenal at Springfield, MA

L) Great Britain

The Constitutional Convention

M) James Madison
N) The New Jersey Plan
O) The Connecticut Compromise
P) The Virginia Plan


Am I Not A Man and A Brother?/
We The People

Q) Three- fifths
R) Nine
S) Twenty
T) New York
U) Anti-Federalists
V) The Federalist Papers


The Promise of Freedom/Hercules In the Cradle

W) The Bill of Rights
X) States rights.
Y) The Whiskey Rebellion
Z) Secretary of the Treasury
AA) The right to be treated fairly by their government

Liberty, Fraternity, Equality/The Many or the Few?

BB) The Federalists
CC) The Alien and Sedition Acts
DD) The Democratic-Republicans


The Revolution of 1800/The Marshall Court

EE) The Democratic-Republicans
FF) Napoleon
GG) John Marshall


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