Matching Exercise: Computer Vocabulary

Basic Computer Terms
1)  The starting point of your computer system, indicated by C:
It shows that your system is ready to do what you tell it.

2) The top of the tree where all directories begin.

3) DOS files must have this to represent the name of the file and the type of file.

4) The process of starting a computer.

5) The central piece of hardware that controls the instructions and actions of the PC.

6) It is the operating system of all personal computers, no matter how fast or what type of hardware the machine has.

7) In Windows 3.1, symbols for programs are organized this way in Program Manager for easy activation.

8) Using a  Control-Alt combination, the Windows user can make starting programs easier using this method.

9) These are the divisions of a hard drive that hold the files in an organized way.

10) These files start programs either in DOS or Windows.

A) Microprocessor (CPU)

C) Pentium

D)Hard drive
F) Boot 
G) Eight plus three file
name structure 

H) Root Directory 

I) Monitor
J) Directory

K) Sound Card
L) Megabyte

M) Subdirectory 
N) Command prompt 
O) Executable Files 
P) Groups and Icons 
R) Minimizing and Maximizing
T) Driver 
U) Shortcut key


11) One can run a program in the background while using another program through this Windows feature.

12) Software the tells your computer how to behave in respect to its parts, such as the monitor,
CD-ROM or other peripherals.

13) It is the main storage space of the computer, usually in either megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).

14) This piece of hardware is the temporary storage space for the computer, holding files and instructions that the processor is currently working with.

15) It is a smaller division made within the hard drive to help organize programs and files within larger ones.

16) This computer component displays the electrical impulses on a screen so the user can see what the computer is doing.

17) This piece of equipment plays discs with a capacity of 650 MB of storage space for file transfer and multimedia programs to be played on the computer.

18) It is the amount of storage space equal to 1 million bytes of information.

19) This computer component converts electrical impulses into audible sounds the user can hear.

20) This term refers to the generation of chips that was issued by the Intel Corporation after its 486 chip. It greatly improved the speed and power of personal computers.


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