Web Site Departments: North Hagerstown High School
North High's web site has grown into a large number of web documents and curricular areas, which now requires a team of students and a faculty member to monitor, maintain, and improve. To obtain a clear view of the existing elements of the website, one can visit the NHHS Web Site Directory, which contains links to all of the major elements of the web site.

Currently, students involved in the Computer Applications course can be assigned to the following existing web site areas:

Teachers On-Line: Students will maintain existing teacher web pages. Students will be assigned one or more teachers whose web page can be created and developed by students through an interview process.
Teachers who do not have existing web pages may be asked by students for basic information such as
academic history, school subjects taught and other interests they might like to share.

The Alumni Page: Students will add Alumni data as it comes in to the page so that Alumni can contact each other by e-mail and through web pages. If alumni request the develop of a web page for posting on the NHHS site, students will obtain data and format it for the web. Students will also research North High history and post interesting facts, photos and other data to the web page to keep alumni returning to the site.

The NHHS Information Page: Students maintaining this page will place announcements of upcoming events, schedules of important meetings, directions to the school, important telephone numbers, accomplishments of school organizations, and school trivia. Students must also be ready to respond for requests for information about the school from web visitors.

Organizations: A team of students will be assigned the development and upkeep of pages relating to the school's extra-curricular activities and clubs. Existing pages include

New pages may include On-line Academic Projects: Students will be maintaining and upgrading existing pages now on the web site, especially the early essay projects from 1994-97. Students will also be receiving projects from teachers in the areas of Science, Mathematics, English, and Foreign Languages. Students will receive data from teachers and develop web pages from such data. Students may also be required to scan photographs, develop graphical interpretations of numerical data, or create illustrations that will enhance
project objectives.

Other topics that students have placed on the website include:

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