Interpreting the Declaration of Independence


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Excerpt 1:

In the course of history, it becomes right for one people to be on their own – to become a country equal with others. This is a natural law of God. So that the world will have a good opinion of us, we must explain why we are separating.



Excerpt 2:

It is obvious to us that the following is true: God created all people equally. God has given all people rights that cannot be taken away. These include the right to live, to be free, and to be happy.



Excerpt 3:

To defend these rights, the power of the government must be with the people, receiving its power with the agreement of the people being governed.



Excerpt 4:

When government destroys the people’s rights, the people have the right to change or do away with the government and set up a new one.



Excerpt 5:

King George has hurt us over and over by misusing his power. His goal is to govern by having all the power, giving none to the people.




Excerpt 6:

For proof, let us show the facts to the world honestly. He has refused to agree to laws that are good for the people.



Excerpt 7:

As these unfair actions have taken place, we have asked politely for help, but we have been “slapped in the face” over and over. Leaders who abuse their power should not be allowed to rule over a free people.




Excerpt 8:

The people of these Colonies, now tell the world that we are now Americans, a free and independent nation.




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