An Interactive Worksheet on the Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch on Federal Level:    __Congress_____ 
____makes___________ the law. 
Upper House:____US Senate____________________________________________  
Term of office:___6____ years.  
Minimum Age:___30___  years.  
Presiding officer's Position:___Vice president/president of the senate______________________________ 

Name of Current Presiding Officer:____Al Gore________________________________ 

Title of Floor Leader:______Senate Majority leader______________________________________ 

Name of Person:______Trent Lott________________ State Represented:____MS________ 

Question: According to former Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, what is  "the most potent 
weapon in the Majority Leader's arsenal?"____First recognition______________________________ 

Name one president who held this position?______Lyndon Johnson__________________________ 

Name of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate:_ Robert Byrd_________________________  
State Represented:___________WV_______________ 

Name of Majority Whip: __Don Nickels_____________________State Represented:__OK_____ 
Question: What is another term for the Majority Whip?___Assistant  Floor (Majority) Leader______

List two roles of this office? 
1)___Mobilize votes within the party_____________________________________________ 
2)___Acts as floor leader in then absence of the majority leader.


Lower House:__House of Representatives___________________________________________  
Term of office:____2___ years.  
Minimum Age:____25___ years.  
Presiding Officer's Title:_Speaker of the House_______________________________  
Name of the Current Presiding Officer:_______Dennis Hastert_____________________ 
State Represented:_______IL_________ 
Title of Floor Leader:   House Majority Leader

Name of the Current Floor Leader:____Richard Armey_______________________ State:____TX_____ 
Name your Congressional Representative:____Roscoe Bartlett___________________________________ 
District Represented:_________6th of MD___________________________________________ 

State level: Name of Legislative Body: __Maryland General Assembly___________________

Upper House:___State Senate______________  
Term of office:__4____  years.  
Minimum Age:__25____ years.  

Title of  Presiding officer:_______President of the Senate

Name of Presiding Officer:_____Mike Miller_________________________________


Lower House:___MD House of Delegates____________________________________________________  
Term of office:___4____ years.  
Minimum Age:___21____ years.  
Title of Presiding officer:____Speaker of House_________________________________________  

Name of Presiding Officer: Caspar Taylor 

Legislative Body For Cities:____City Council_____________________________________________  

Legislative Body For Counties:__County Commissioners/Council______________________________________


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