Lesson Plan: Refining Search Skills When Developing Student-based Web Sites


Objectives: The students will

I. become familiar with the process of using search engines to locate information on the Internet.

II. continue the process of developing their own web sites (called web departments) as part of the school's web site.

III. review the elements of their own pages so that the site can be made ready for publishing on the Internet..
Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): What is a Search Engine?

A) Define "search engine" and "web directory"

B) Have students list 5 major search engines. Ask them to identify each as either a search engine or web directory.

C) Review their answers orally.

Main Activity (Instructional Input): Start Your Engines: An Article on Search Engines

A) Distribute copies of the article

B) Have the students review the list of search engines. Instruct students to develop two tips per search engine on their own paper.

C) Review and discuss student lists.
Examples (Modeling): Conducting A Web Search

A) Conduct a search using Alta Vista and Yahoo.

B) Outline differences, similarities and use their help menus to demonstrate tips.

Check For Understanding/Guided Practice: Student Web Page Development

A) Have students go to the computers to continue the development of  their own web pages.

B) Students should make corrections where needed.

C) Have students use the rubric for secondary education web pages found at http://www.siec.k12.in.us/~west/online/eval.htm
The form to be used is found at http://www.siec.k12.in.us/~west/edu/rubric3.htm

Homework (Independent Practice):
Continue web page design & corrections.

If more time is needed, allow students to take disks home or have them come in to develop final drafts of their pages.

Wrap-Up Activity (Closure): Evaluating One's Own Work

A) Have students form partner pairs.

B) Students should critique each other's web pages based on the check list and design guides previously outlined.

C) Students can reform groups as often as time allows.
Evaluation: The lesson will be evaluated by:

I. the accuracy of student's written responses;

II. The quality of student web pages.

II. student's scores on future tests and quizzes.

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