Lesson Plan: Computer Applications: What It Means To Be A Webmaster

Date: March 23, 1998

Objectives: The students will

I.  identify the areas of computing involved in web design.

II. discuss the elements that constitute a superior web product in business and in education.

III. learn professional web design techniques.
Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): What have you learned?

A) Have stduents develop a list of concepts they have learned in the course.

B) Have students discuss ways the course could be improved.

C) Make a chart (or have students make a chart) showing how the elements of web design and computing are interrelated.
Main Activity (Instructional Input): Reading/Discussion

A) Distribute article entitled "How the Pros Do It: Profile of A Webmaster" (from The Net, April, 1996)

B) Have students divide themselves into partner pairs and assign each pair a section of the article:

C) Each Partner pair should develop 3 or more content questions to ask partner pairs with their topics.

D) After the groups have read and discussed their answers, have them read their section aloud and discuss their questions with the class.

E) Distribute "Confessions of a Web Shao-Lin Master" by Wayne Bremser.

F) Discuss each concept while reading aloud.

Examples (Modeling): Examples on the WWW

A) Have students work in groups of four to locate one or more websites in the article.

B) Students must identify two elements of web design discussed in the article or that they can identify on their own.

Wrap-Up Activity (Closure): Discussion on Web Design

C) Have the groups discuss the sites they visited.

Evaluation: The lesson will be evaluated by:

I. the accuracy of student's written responses;

II. student's scores on future tests and quizzes.

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