Definitions to Match with Terms

1) A program that allows the user to read  pages on the World Wide Web


2) A command that allows you to see the HTML code that makes up a web page.

View, Page Source

3) The page that the browser visits first, or the main page of a web site.

Home page

4) This image is divided into "hotspots" that allow the user to click to a new web site or web page.


5) When the mouse runs over a graphic or image, these words appear to tell those without image capability what is in the image.


6) This is an abbreviation for web address. It tells the browser where to go to load a web page.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

7) This list allows the user to jump quickly to a web site visited within the current surfing session.

Go Menu

8) These commands allow the user to transfer text or images easily from the browser to another application.

Cut, Copy, and Paste

9) This is the term for files temporarily  stored on the hard drive so the browser does not have to read the Internet for every visit to a web page.


10) This is the abbreviation for web page editors that create web code as you create the page. the page looks in the editor the way it will look in the browser.


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