Quiz: Computer Applications

1) What is the DOS command to change directories?

Answer: CD

2) What is the DOS command to make a directory?

Answer: MD

3) What is the DOS command to display all the contents of a directory in wide fashion across the screen?

Answer: dir /w

4) Which windows program is depicted here?

Screen capture: file manager


Answer: File Manager

4A) Write a sentence that describes the function(s) of the program shown above.

Answer: Copy, move, delete, search for a file, open, view the programs and files on the hard drive.

5) Where is data stored temporarily on the computer so the hard drive does less work?

Answer: In RAM

6) What is the DOS command to copy filename.txt from the hard drive's directory called "departments" to a floppy disk and keep the file name the same?

c:\ copy filename.txt a:\

7) What type of Pentium processor is made to handle multi-media files such as sound and video?

Answer: Pentium MMX

8) What program on a PC tells you most of the details of a computers system?

Answer: Microsoft diagnostics (MSD)

In Win 95: System icon in control panel

9) What is HTML?

Hypertext Mark-up Language
It is the computer code used to write web pages.

10) List the two most popular web browsers.

Answer: Netscape & Microsoft Internet Explorer

11) Most hard drives in today's new systems can contain how much information?

Answer: One gigabyte (1 GB)

12) Which machine is faster: a 486 running at 100 Mhz or a Pentium running at 90 Mhz?

Answer: Pentium 90

13) Most modems in today's systems can receive and send data at 28.8 kps. What does kps stand for?

Answer: Kilobytes Per Second

14) What is the clock speed of the fastest Pentium II on the market today?

Answer: 400 or 450 (Sept. 1998)

15) What is the industry standard for the average new system in terms about amount of RAM it should have?

Answer: 32 MB or 64 MB

16) What is the name of the program seen at right?Screen capture: Program Manager

Answer: Program Manager

17) What is the term used for the small squares (icons) seen on this graphic?

Answer: program groups

Screen capture: Open File dialogue box

18) What is the user doing to activate the box seen at right?

Answer: Opening a file

19) Name the letter that shows where a person would look to find the file name in this process?

Answer: A (File name)

20) From which directory is the user going to get the file?

Answer: C:\netscape

Extra Credit) With which program is the user  getting the file?

Answer: Netscape




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