Top 20 Power Desktops: A Worksheet based on PC World, May, 1998

1) Which CPU is the dominant chip in the systems described in the article (May, 1998)?

2) Why does the author say that the Dell Dimension made it to the top of their ratings chart?

3) What type of multimedia drive does the Dell Dimension XPS D333 support?

4) Describe the Dell's software titles and choice consumers must make.

5) What removable storage component does the Micron Millenia XKU 300 have (like other high end PCs)?

6) Why does the AGP graphics card provide an advantage over non-AGP configurations?

7) Which machine boasts the fastest PC Worldbench score in the sample of PCs discussed in this month's article?

8) What makes the Gateway's E-3110 300 a great system for high-end graphics work?

9) What makes this system a clear choice for the office but a poor choice for the home?

10) What is a down-side to the physical architecture of the Gateway G6-266?

11) Decide if you would buy the Quantex QP6/300 SM-4X. Write a sentence stating your case for or against.

12) What is the operating system that was tested on the HP Vectra VL 7?

13) Name two components of the Micro Express Microflex F-300B that the author felt were "skimpy" for a PII machine.

14) The Micro Express Microflex F-300B has a number of superior hardware elements. Decide which of those is the most important to you and after indicating which one, write a sentence supporting your reasoning.

15) The NEC Powermate Enterprise 8000 may have the best video configuration in this month's round-up. What makes this statement a "virtual reality" (pun not intended)?

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