Beat the Expert: Questions on The Age of Imperialism

This set of questions was developed for use with Dave Carpenter's lesson structure called "Beat the Pro" found at

_F_1) Most Americans believed the purchase of Alaska was a smart idea.

_T_2) Hawaii was an independent nation before it was annexed by the US in 1899.

_T_3) The United States had created an American empire as a result of the Spanish-American War.

_F__4) The Open Door Policy created spheres of influence in China during the late 1800s.

_T_5) Theodore Roosevelt helped McKinley defeat William Jennings Bryan in the election of 1900.

_F_6) Theodore Roosevelt was reluctant (not willing) to use armed forces against Caribbean nations during his administration in the early 1900s.

_F_7) One great accomplishment of the Roosevelt Administration was the completion of the Panama Canal in 1904.

_F_8) The Filipino people were grateful to America for taking over the Philippines from Spain's control in 1899.

_T_9) The Industrial Revolution helped bring about an imperialist foreign policy during the turn of the century.

_F_10) The United States continues to build an American Empire in the 21st century by conquering weaker people and using their natural resources for economic gain.


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