Chapter 3 Vocabulary and Questions: Conquering the Americas

pp. 62-78 Why We Remember

Vocabulary and identifications

1) Pg. 62: L'Anse Aux Meadows or Vinland

2) Pg 63: Expedition

3) Cape of Good Hope

4) Finance

5) Pg 64: Vasco da Gama

6) Pg 67: Amerigo Vespucci

7) Pg 68: Infectious diseases

8) Pg 70: Plantation

9) Pg 73: Pedro Alvares Cabral

10) Pg 73: Vasco Nunez de Balboa

11) Pg 74: The Strait of Magellan

12) pg 75: John Cabot

13) pg 76: Martin Frobisher

14) pg 76: Henry Hudson

15) pg 77: Jacques Cartier

Thought Questions:

1) Pg 62: make a list of the different cultures that may have reached the Americas before Columbus.

2) Pg 63 What was the purpose of the expedition of Bartholomew Diaz

3) Pg 65. What was the real location of Columbus landing on October 12, 1492?

4) Pg 67; Which explorer is credited with identifying North and South America as the New World between Europe and Asia?

5: pg 70: What European nation was the first to enslave Africans to work on plantations on the Madeira and Canary Islands?

6) Pg 74: What was the final result and contribution of the voyage of Magellan and his crew?

7) Pg 78: What was the North American colony established by Hudson for the Dutch?

8) Even though the European explorers did not find the Northwest passage, what things of value did they find for Europe in North America?


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