Quiz: The Conquest of the Americas
Chapter 4: Why We Remember

Part 1: Match the Key Terms

___1) Persecution
___2) Entradas

___4) Conquistadors
___5) Mestizos
___6) Mercantilism
___7) Armada
___8) Peninsulares

___9) Borderlands
___10) Smallpox
___11) Latinos
___12) Huguenots

(Turn the paper over for parts 2 and 3)

A) It means "conquerors" in Spanish.

B) This disease killed thousands of Incas.

C) Armed expeditions into northern areas.

D) Unexplored areas in Mexico and N. America.

E) People born in Spain.

F) Children of mixed heritage with Indian and Spanish parents.

G)  Lowest social group, a mix of African, Indian, and Spanish heritages.

H)  Building a nation's strength with Gold and Silver.

I)  A system where Spanish rulers enslaved a certain number of Indians.

J) Being attacked, imprisoned, or killed for your beliefs.

K) French Protestants who came to Canada for religious freedom.

L) A Spanish fleet defeated by the English in 1588.






Part II: Match the Important People

___13) He posed a threat to Spain's empire 
because he sailed into the Pacific in 1580.
___14)  He helped create the Iroquois League 
or League of 5 Nations.
___15)   He wanted the fountain of youth to be 
in Florida.
___16)  He found the Mississippi River after 
being governor of Cuba.
___17)  He explored America's Southwest region.
___18)  He made it as far as southern Oregon.
___19)  A French explorer who claimed Quebec 
for France.


N) Cabrillo

O) Drake

P) Coronado

R) de Soto

S) Hiawatha

T) Ponce de Leon

Part 3: Knowing Geography

Map of Western Hemisphere In each blank, write the letter of the place that is described by the statement.

____20) Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo explored and claimed for Spain the Pacific Coast of North America as far north as this point.

  ___21) Ponce de Leon did not find the gold and “Fountain of Youth” that he was looking for in this place.

___22) Spain gained great riches when Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incas here.

Hernán Cortés defeated the Aztecs here.

___24) Hernando de Soto left
____ to search for  gold in the present-day southeastern
United States.


Answers are available here.

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