Open Note Quiz: The Great Depression
Section 1 Chapter 27

Match the following terms by using the answers you generated during the Jigsaw Activity:

__1) These are people who seek employment by moving around the country, mostly finding seasonal work on farms throughout the year. 

__2) This happened early in the Depression when people paniced to get their life savings out banks that were unable to pay because of bad investments in the Stock Market.

__3) These community-based places were set up to help homeless and unemployed people get proper nutrition even if they had no money.

__4) This factor was a major cause of the Depression. It involved farmers who brought too many goods to market, thereby causing prices to drop.

__5) These were temporary shantytowns, made of cardboard, rusty cars, and wooden boxes. They were named after the president that many blamed for their misfortune.

__6) These sales took place when neighbors bought up the bankrupt farms of their friends, then sold it back to them for a very low price, allowing the friends to retain ownership of the farm.

__7) He was elected in 1928, one year before the Stock Market crash, but failed to take action against the Depression, so he was voted out of office in 1932.

__8) Franklin Roosevelt's programs to fight the Depression, which went by this name, promised work, food, and hope to Americans who had suffered three years of Depression by the time he was elected.

__9) Many farmers wanted to have this event take place, in order to raise prices on farm products, but others refused. This led to violence between farmers.

__10) They were World War I veterans who demanded payment from the US Government. They were driven out of Washington, DC in 1932 by troops under order of Hoover.

__11) This was the level of unemployment at the height of the Great Depression, caused by the failure of business and drops in production.

___12) "Black Tuesday" was caused in part by large numbers of investors, who did this,  buying stock on credit by way of loans from their stockbroker. When the prices of stocks fell, investors had no way to repay the loans.

A) Buying stock on margin

B) Overproduction

C) "Run on banks"

D) 25 percent

E) Soup kitchens

F) Penny Auctions

G)  Farm holiday

H)  Migrant workers

I) Hoovervilles

J) The "Bonus Army"

 K) Herbert Hoover

L) The New Deal

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