Fill in the blanks using this lesson's lecture notes.

THE TELEPHONE: Alexander Bell’s father was a teacher of the
___________________. Bell invented the first hearing aid around 1875.

When a wire connected two of these devices, the
___________________ was born. Its first successful test came in 1876. By 1900, 1.5 

million homes had phones. Long distance came in 1892. Bell formed American Telephone and
___________________ (AT&T), which 

became one of America’s longest lasting monopolies.

 FARMING: Cyrus McCormick invented the ___________________, which harvests grain, in 1831. He bought out all competition and bought new inventions before he died in 1884. His INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CORP. became the largest producer of farm equip­ment, helping the US lead the world in ___________________ AGRICULTURE.

ELISHA OTIS: Invented the ___________________, which was perfected in 1852. With competition from Westing­house he improved his elevator, which allowed the creation of the ___________________ and deeper mining operations. Taller office buildings, along with the ___________________, invented by Christopher Sholes in 1867, caused an improvement in business operation and efficiency. As buildings went higher, cities grew larger a process called ___________________.

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