Labor Poster: WPA Art Program, [1941]

Labor Poster: WPA Art Program, [1941]
Image: Courtesy of Library of Congress

The Labor Movement: A Matching Activity

 Use the links at left to learn which question goes with the answer. Then go to the second half of the page to try an interactive self-grading quiz on the American Labor Movement. The whole list of terms is also available.

___1) A court order issued by a judge to prevent a strike is called a _________________.

___2) This union helped bring about the Pullman strike of 1894.

___3) They called for the end of capitalism and called for worker control of industry.

___4) When the employer shuts down the plant, the workers are forced to agree to their demands. 
This is called a ___________________.

___5) He led the Grand Eight-Hour League, claiming an eight-hour day would help the economy.

___6) This union died out after it was linked to the Haymarket Square Riot.

___7) Samuel Gompers led this union, but it excluded unskilled workers.

___8) This was one of the first unions, and its leader wanted to include women as well as newly freed slaves.

___9) A lockout at this steel plant led to the death of ten Pinkerton guards.

___10) This leader of the Knights of Labor opposed the use of strikes and supported the development of cooperative businesses.

___11) This secret society terrorized owners in the Pennsylvania coal mining industry.

___12) This method was used to prevent workers from joining unions by notifying local employers of unwanted union members.

A) Ira Steward

B) "Wobblies"

C) Homestead, PA

D) Uriah Stevens

E) "Molly Maguires"

F) Blacklist

G) Injunction

H) Knights of Labor

I) National Labor Union

J) Lockout

K) American Railway Union

L) American Federation of Labor


Interactive Version: The American Labor Movement Quiz


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