Lesson Plan: Lifestyles in the 13 Colonies

Submitted by: Miri Rubin
Email: miri@ramaz.org
Title: Lifestyles in the 13 Colonies
Subject: US History


1. plan their presentation by outlining using Inspiration software,

2. research their topic on-line and in the library.

3.Present their findings in a PowerPoint slide presentation.

Warm Up Activity: Brainstorming: 

insert all questions and key words for project

Main:  Lifestyles in the Thirteen Colonies

7th grade, Ramaz

Web Research and Presentation

Step 1- Brainstorming:

Use Inspiration to graph your goals and topics for your presentation:

Make sure to include at least five (5) questions or topics that you wish to research. 
Try breaking up some of these topics to more specific questions or ideas.
Think of an original and creative way to present your data. (A store ad,
a cookbook, a magazine article)

Step 2: Web Research

In your presentation; You must use at least two of these web sites, as well as at least two written sources. 
When using a site from this list or any other Internet site, you must properly document your source.

You must include the following :

Address of site: What can you tell about this site from its address?
Name of site: Is there a title that reveals who owns the site?
Author: Who wrote the information on this site? Is this person qualified towrite information on this topic?
Contents: Does this site include an informative and in your opinion, accurate, data?

Links to Colonial America web sites:

primary source material from 18th Century America-- all displayed digitally.
A unique array of original newspapers, maps and writings.

about.com is a well known site . It is run by a professional Guide who is carefully screened and trained by About. Guides build a comprehensive
environment around each of their specific topics, including the best new content, relevant links, How-To's, Forums, etc. You may go to this page, or
search About.com for more specific information.

a rare map collection of parts of Colonial America.

This informative site will give you excellent detailed facts on Colonial lifestyles

This site has some interesting links. Warning! Some of the links do not work or are irrelevant. 

http://www.osv.org/ A tour of Sturbridge Village- A nice source for lifestyle in New England, with some excellent links.

http://www.osv.org/education/resources.htm Some resources at the same site.

http://pilgrims.net/plymouth/ a virtual tour of Plymouth, and some interesting links.


this link will be your best source of information!!!!!!!

Amusements in Colonial England

a good source for photos of people and places.

Time Line -- America during the Age of Revolution, 1764-1775

Step 3: Presentation
The form of presentation will depend on your grouping. The students who are
participating in Computer Literacy class this semester will present their
project in a PowerPoint slide show. You will be given some time to work on
this during Computer class. You will need to invest some home time or
after-school lab time. 

The specifications for the PowerPoint presentation will be given to you in
Computer Literacy class.  All other students may use other forms of media to present their ideas.
You will be given 3-5 minutes to present your completed work to your class.

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