Lesson Plan: New Deal Agencies


Objectives: The students will

I. list the goals and strategies of the First and Second New Deal programs;

II. identify the agencies that were created to fight the economic problems of the Great Depression.

III. create artwork that illustrates the goals of one of the New Deal agencies.
Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): Republican vs. Democrat

A) List several beliefs of both political parties regarding government's role in the economy.

B) Have students identify which political party is reflected in the statement.

C) Have students identify examples of government intervention or refusal to intervene from newspapers, magazines, the Internet or from TV news broadcasts.

D) Discuss Hoover's inaction and FDR's action regarding the Depression's economic effects.  Relate each president's actions to the ideologies of  their political party.

Main Activity (Instructional Input): The Alphabet Soup of the New Deal

A) Create 8 to 10 blank posters of laminated construction paper. Place in large letters the New Deal Agency abbreviations.

B) Print and laminate the brief descriptions of the New Deal Agencies and the full names of the agencies.

C) Post the posters on the wall and distribute the Alphabet Soup chart for students to complete when information has been displayed.

D) Distribute the descriptions and names to students. Have them move to the correct poster and tape their description or name (or both) to the correct poster with the corresponding abbreviation (ie., WPA, AAA, or TVA)

E) Students can post them one at a time or all together. Have students read and discuss each description. Textbooks can be used to supplement information.

Examples (Modeling): New Deal Posters

A) Display the posters below by either downloading or printing or by having students visit the sites in the computer lab.

Posters of the New Deal

Click on the link and use your browser's back button to return.

Posters 1936-1943 Home page for the collection where you can search for posters on a New Deal agency.

Civilian Conservation Corps

Works Progress Administration

Four Freedoms

Work Pays America (WPA)

Federal Art Project Works Progress Administration exhibition : Important new group of pictures.

National Youth Administration

Work Pays America: A NARA Exhibit

Guided Practice: Display and discuss traditional methods of propaganda.

A) Have students identify one of the methods of propaganda in the posters if it is present. If not, locate modern ads in newspapers, magazines, and public service announcement posters that contain those themes.

B) Students should choose one New Deal Agency to illustrate. Teachers can place students in partner-pairs for this project.

C) Using construction paper, old magazines, the computer, cut-out letter stencils, and traditional art supplies, have students create a New Deal Poster of their own.

Their poster should

Wrap-Up Activity (Closure): Sharing Posters

A) Have students display and discuss their posters to outline how their image and slogan reflected the purpose of the agency they chose.
 Homework (Independent Practice): The Impact of the New Deal

A) Have students interview a friend or grandparent who lived through the New Deal.

B) Students should share their findings with the class.

C) If such a person is not available, have students research the effects of such New Deal programs as Social Security and FDIC. Have students write a short paragraph that outlines how these agencies have improved the lives of Americans in the 21st century. Ask students if these New Deal programs need to be reformed or abolished in today's modern age.

Evaluation: The lesson will be evaluated by:

I. the accuracy of student's written responses;

II. Rubric for student posters:

5 points for poster that uses a propaganda method, has an image, has a slogan, and outlines a description of a New Deal agency. It must also have a short written description of the poster's symbols.
4 points for having an image and slogan that uses a propaganda method but lacks paragraph and link to New Deal.
3 Points for having an image that relates to the purpose of an agency alone and that has a slogan. Paragraph must be included.
2 points  for simple unrelated image with no slogan.  No paragraph is included.
1 point for slogan or text only.
0 points for did not attempt.

III. student's scores on future tests and quizzes.


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