Growth of the US (1800-1853) Map Activity

Part 1: Identify the areas indicated on the map below.

Growth of the US Quiz

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Part 2: Vocabulary Questions 1800-1860

___1. It is when a federal law has been declared null and void by a state. Jefferson and Madison Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions put forth that a state had this right. South Carolina almost left the Union (seceded) in 1832 due to this issue.

___2. It is the edge of civilized society and the beginning of the wilderness. It was crossed when the West was settled.

___3. This idea takes place when the North, South, and West of the United States developed competing political and economic differences, leading to conflict over slavery and states' rights. It is  major cause of the Civil War.

___4. Jefferson signed a law that began one of these against Britain and France in 1807. Since it outlawed trade with nations at war, It crushed the US economy and eventually had to be repealed.

___5. This phrase was used to describe America's belief that its power should spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

___6. In 1823, the US President issued a statement that warned Europe to stay out of Latin America and that the Western Hemisphere was no longer open for European colonization. What was this policy called?

___7. This word describes  extreme pride in one's nation that would lead to willingness to die for that nation. It is the cause of many international conflicts.

___8. This piece of legislation was part of the Compromise if 1850 and it was included to please the South, which wanted all slaves that had  escaped to the North returned.

___9. This term describes the act of piracy where American sailors were forced into the British navy. This action was one of the major causes of the War of 1812 against Great Britain.

___10. Washington believed that this approach was the best form of American foreign policy which he outlined in his farewell address. He stated that America should stay out of foreign alliances and stay away from entanglements overseas. The term means to stay out of foreign affairs.

Answer bank

A) Isolationism

B) Nullification

C) Impressment

D) Frontier

E) Fugitive Slave Law

F) The Monroe Doctrine

G) Nationalism

H) Sectionalism

I) Embargo

J) Manifest Destiny


1) B

2) D

3) H

4) I

5) J

6) F

7) G

8) E

9) C

10) A



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