Video Worksheet: The Great Depression and the New Deal

Match question the with the answer using the answer bank below.

The Great Crash and the Great Engineer

__1) What was the nickname given to homeless men who took to the roads after the stock market crash of 1929 caused increased unemployment in America?

__2) Name the two key positions that Herbert Hoover held during the First World war and Coolidge administration?

__3) What was the name given to makeshift communities of boxes and tin shacks that sprang up during the Depression?

__4) Name the agency created during the Hoover administration, which led money to struggling banks and railroads.

The First New Deal

__5) During Roosevelt's first inaugural address, what did he say with the nation's greatest primary task?

__6) What was the name given to the flurry of legislation that formed the core of Roosevelt's first New Deal?

__7) What was the first problem that the new president faced after taking office?

__8) Name the New Deal law that helped the nation's industries get back on their feet?

__9) What was the name given to the region of America that was ravaged by storms and droughts from the Oklahoma panhandle to western Kansas?

__10) What was the New Deal agency that paid farmer's to limit their production in order to raise food prices?

__11) Harry Hopkins was the director of which New Deal agency that put men to work?

A Revolution in Sight and Sound / Women, African-Americans...

__12) What was the name of the speeches Roosevelt made that helped Americans feel as though he was speaking directly to them?

__13) Which two groups of Americans used Eleanor Roosevelt as a bridge to gain access to her husband, the President?

The First New Deal Under Fire / The Kingfish and the Communists

__14) Which part of the Constitution did the Supreme Court say the NRA violated?

__15) Which Louisiana politician said Americans needed money and proposed giving it to them by taxing the rich?

__16) What was the name of Long's movement, which hated big government as well as big business, had gained over 4 million followers?

__17) Which political party, attracting a variety of Americans, called for equality between workers and African Americans and worker ownership of business and industry?

The Second New Deal

__18) Created to calm the fears of senior citizens, which New Deal program created the nation's first federal old age insurance system?

__19) To appeal to workers, which law required companies to bargain with any union that its workers chose and protected the rights of workers?

The Court Packing Plan

__20) How many justices did Roosevelt propose to be on the Supreme Court in order to gain support for his new Deal programs?

__21) In what year did the United States plunge back into a deep recession?

The Legacy of the New Deal

__22) What is the term for government spending more money than it takes in?

__23) The New Deal increased involvement of the Federal government in the lives of ordinary Americans. It laid the foundation for the modern ________  _________  because it increased spending to help the poor and improve the welfare of the nation's citizens.

__24) What percentage of the American population received direct assistance from the Federal government during the New Deal years?

__25) Economic depression in Europe helped bring about which kind of leaders in Germany and Italy?

Answer Bank

The Great Crash and the Great Engineer

A) Hobos
B) The Reconstruction Finance
       Corporation (RFC)
C) Hoovervilles
D) Head of the Food 
     Administration and Secretary of


The First New Deal

E) The "First Hundred Days"
F) To put people to work.
G) A banking crisis
H) "The Dust Bowl"
I) The National Industrial Recovery
   Act (NIRA)
J) The Agricultural Adjustment
   Administration (AAA)
K) Works Progress Administration

A Revolution in Sight and Sound/
Women, African-Americans..

L) "Fireside Chats"
M) Women and African-Americans


The First New Deal Under Fire/
the Kingfish and the Communists

N) The Communist Party
O) "Share the wealth"
P) The Commerce Clause
Q) Huey Long

The Second New Deal

R) The Social Security
S) The Wagner Labor Relations


The Court Packing Plan/
The Legacy of the New Deal

T) 15 Supreme Court Justices
U) Deficit Spending
W) One-third of Americans
X) Welfare state
Y) Dictatorship
Z) 1938

(V has been omitted. It looks to much like U).


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