Video Worksheet: The American Revolution

Introduction/The People Get Political

___1. Which monarch rose to the throne of England in 1760?

___2. Name the first two laws passed by Parliament to raise revenue in 1964.

___3. Which law passed by Parliament caused serious riots in Boston in 1765?

___4. What did Parliament do to the Stamp Act in 1766?

The Boston Massacre

___5. What form of protest did the Colonists use to fight the Townshend Act, which taxed a variety of goods coming from Britain?

___6. Who was the first to die at the Boston massacre, a half-Wompanoag, half-black dockworker named _____________.

___7. Who created an engraving of the Boston massacre that caused widespread anger across the colonies?

The Boston Tea Party

___8. What did English politicians known as the Whigs say would happen to people in the government who held too much power?

___9. Which law was passed by Parliament in 1773, indicating who would rule in colonial America?

___10. Which group was responsible for throwing the 300 chests of tea into Boston Harbor? 

___11. Parliament responded to the Boston Tea Party by passing which set of laws, one of which closed the port of Boston?

The Shot Heard 'Round the World

___12. At which Massachusetts town did the first fighting of the Revolutionary War take place?

___13. How many British soldiers had been shot by the time the British troops returned to Boston from Lexington and Concord?

The Declaration of Independence

___14. Which colonial assembly sent King George an "olive branch petition" humbly begging him to address their wrongs?

___15. What was the name of the pamphlet written by Thomas pain in January of 1776, which called for independence?

___16. What did Jefferson call the rights of all human beings, among them "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"

___17. Name the time period in which thinkers such as Thomas Jefferson and other philosophers such as John Locke and Count de Montesqueue lived? 

___18. What is the basis of the idea of popular sovereignty, the idea that the people have the right to change the government if it becomes destructive?

Power to the People?

___19. Which group was disturbed by ideas of equality and the idea that women and enslaved Africans had political rights?

___20) Which type of colonist took care of the farm when the landowners went off to war?

___21) Which group that made up one-fifth of all American colonists, was not given any freedoms as a result of the Declaration of Independence?

The War for Independence

___22. Which army had a 3000-mile supply line over the Atlantic Ocean?

___23. Which army fought a guerilla war, where militiamen hid behind trees and fields rather than lining up in rows?

___24. Where did George Washington's Army experience its lowest point at a standstill in the fighting?

The World Turned Upside Down

___25. In which 1777 battle did the American general Gates defeat the British Burgoyne and turn the tide in the war in the favor of the Americans?

___26. Which nation joined the Americans against the British and formally recognized America's independence?

___27. Which British general was defeated at Yorktown in 1781 by Washington, who swept south from new York when the French defeated a British fleet?

___28.What was a major provision of the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the War for American  Independence?

Winners and Losers

___29. Which Indian tribe agreed to remain neutral during the war, but which ended up siding with the British?

___30. Which African nation was formed after the Revolutionary War by returning slaves?

___31. What form of government was supported by the working classes of the colonies, where the people would control the power of government?

Word Bank

Introduction/The People Get Political

A) The Sugar and Currency Acts
B) King George III
D) It was repealed 
E) The Stamp Act

The Boston Massacre

F) Paul Revere
G) Boycott
H) Crispus Attucks
The Boston Tea Party

I) The Tea Act
J) The Coercive Acts
K) They would become corrupt.
L) The Sons of Liberty

The Shot Heard 'Round the World
(Not all choices are used)

M) Lexington
N) 272
O) 4000
P) Eight

The Declaration of Independence

R) Common Sense
S) The 2nd Continental Congress
T) Unalienable
U) The Consent of the People
V) The Enlightenment or Age of Reason

Power to the People?

W) Slaves
X) Loyalists
Y) Women
The War for Independence

Z) The British
AA) The Continental Army
BB) Valley Forge


The World Turned Upside Down

CC) Saratoga, NY
DD) Britain granted the US its independence
EE) Lord Cornwallis
FF) France

Winners and Losers

GG) The Iroquois
HH) Sierra Leone
II) A Republic

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