Vocabulary: Chapter 29 The Cold War Section One: pp. 818-824

Write a short paragraph describing the details and the importance of the following ideas.

1) The Cold War

2) The United Nations

3) The Iron Curtain

4) The Truman Doctrine

5) Containment

6) The National Security Act of 1947

7) The Marshall Plan

8) The Yalta Conference

9) The Berlin Airlift

10) NATO

11) The Warsaw Pact

12) Communist Revolution in China

13) Inchon Landing

14) The Korean War

15) John Foster Dulles

16) Peaceful Co-existence

17) Nikita Khrushchev

18) Sputnik 1

19) ICBMs

20) The Eisenhower Doctrine

21) Fidel Castro

22) The Bay of Pigs Invasion

23) The Berlin Wall

24) The Cuban Missile Crisis

25) Image on pg 824: "Duck and Cover" Drills

An "I Have... Who Has?" Activity with the definitions to these terms can be found on the this website.

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