Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): Identifying Explorers

Using Chapter 4, Section 1 of Why we Remember

Complete these questions in your notebooks:

1) Define the term Conquistador. Conqueror
2) List the three goals of the Spanish Empire in North America. (pg  94)

A) Find Gold
B) Bring Glory
C) Convert Indians to Christianity

3) Use the entire chapter or the index to complete the chart below:
Explorer Country Represented Area or People Conquered
Cortez (pg 94)


Spain Aztecs/Mexico


Spain Incas of Peru (pg 96)
De Soto


Spain Mississippi Region (pg 99)
Sir Francis Drake


England California Coast (pg 104)
Marquette and Joliet
(pg 110)


France Iroquois
Mississippi Valley
Louisiana Region
Great Lakes


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