World War I Worksheet

Match the question on the left with the term on the right.

___1) Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, he was assassinated  by a student who wanted independence for his nation.

___2) This nation was owned and controlled by the empire of Austria-Hungary.

3) It is the desire on the part of a country’s people to set up their own ___government.

___4) This term involves nations that promise to support each other militarily if attacked.

___5) This nation was blamed for the assassination of Austria— Hungary’s archduke, and it was allied with Russia.

___6) Allied with Austria-Hungary, this nation declared war on Russia and France when Austria-Hungary declared war.

___7) An ally of Russia and France, it declared war on Germany.

___8) This belief was held by many Americans as they hoped to stay out of the war in Europe from 1914 to 1917.

___9) He was president of the US when the war began.

___10) The US favored this side of the war, led by Britain and France along with Russia and Serbia.

___11) Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey were not democratic nations. They made up this military force.

___12) It is information meant to get people to favor one side of a conflict over another. It was used heavily by Germany.

___13) This US tried to remain out of the war by not joining either side. This position of not taking sides is called: 

___14) These weapons were used by Germany to break the British blockade and attack ships headed for England.

___15) This British liner was sunk in 1915, killing almost 1200,
including 128 Americans. Many believe the ship was carrying

___16) Wilson won the election of 1916 with this slogan.

___17) He was the German foreign secretary who tried to get Mexico to declare war on the US. He promised to return Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona if Mexico joined the Central Powers.

___18) It is the planned destruction of property by secret agents for military purposes.

___19) He was the secretary of state under Wilson before the US entered World War I in 1917.

___20) Wilson had to present his position against Germany to this lawmaking body in order to obtain a declaration of war.


A) Sabotage 

B) Congress 

C) Arthur Zimmerman 

D) William Jennings Bryan 

E) “He Kept Us Out Of War”

A) Serbia 

B) Archduke Francis Ferdinand 

C) Alliance 

D) Bosnia 

E) Allied Powers 

F) Central Powers 

G) U-Boats

H) Neutrality 

I) Nationalism 

J) Woodrow Wilson 

K) Germany

L) Propaganda 

M) Great Britain 

N) Isolationism 

0) Luisitania


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