Important Terms Related to World War II

Match the definition with the term.

1) Type of government that has total control over the individual. Human rights are not protected because the state claims total power.

2) Violence committed by one nation against another, usually involving military force.

3) Forces that are on the attack. The opposite of defensive.

4) Giving in to threats to avoid a conflict or war.

5) Freeing captured peoples. The people of Europe and Asia experienced this when Allied forces defeated Germans and Japanese.

6) Forced evacuation or removal of citizens. This is what Jews went through before entry to Nazi concentration camps.

7) German word for leader.

8) This term described the American campaign in the Pacific from 1942 until 1945.

9) When a nation moves its troops into and stays within the borders of another nation. Synonym: takeover.

10) Any government or set of rulers that have control over the machinery of a nation. The leadership of a nation-state.

A) Regime

B) Occupation

C) Island Hopping

D) Fuhrer

E) Deportation

F) Liberation

G) Appeasement

H) Offensive

I) Aggression

J) Totalitarian


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