Writing Project Resources: Native Americans


American Historical Images On File: The Native American Experience

The American Memory Collection: The North American Indian
The place of the Buffalo in Indian life
The Hunt
Tribal Law
The role of Women in Society
Warfare and Counting Coups (Adobe Acrobat needed)
The role of Spirits and "medicine"
The arrival of the White Settlers
Ft. Laramie Treaty
The impact of Christianity
Minnesota Massacres (1862)
Black Kettle and the Sand Creek Massacre (CO, 1864)
Red Cloud
Buffalo Bill Cody
The railroads and telegraph
Sitting Bull
Custer's Last Stand
Crazy Horse
The Ghost Dance
Wounded Knee: 1890 and 1973

Smithsonian Institution

Native American Images by Donald Vann

PBS: The West

The American West

Native American Links