Netscape Exercises: Answers

Fill in the blank:

The World Wide Web is accessible through software called a 1) ____________. There are two browsers that have captured about 95% of the market share: Browser

2) _Nestcape___ and Microsoft’s 3)__Internet_     _Explorer__. Both programs have evolved into a "suite" or series, of separate programs, each with its own function. The program allows the user to view web pages, send and receive e-mail, transmit information by way of a electronic form, or participate in discussion groups taking place on the 4)_____Usenet_____ network.

The document is displayed in the programs 's main display window. If the user encounters a page that uses
5) __Frames__, the main viewing window will be divided into a number of smaller windows.


Internet Explorer                   Netscape                      Frames                         Usenet                  Browser

6) Which menu on the Netscape menu bar is being displayed here?      File Menu

A Communicator Menu...

Questions 7- 12 refer to the image below.

The web address

7) Which letter represents the file name of the URL?  F

8) Which letter shows that the browser is getting the file from a web server?   B

9) Which letter indicates the Internet Service Provider (ISP)? C

10) Which letter shows the protocol that the browser must operate under?    A

11) Which letter reveals the username or user ID set up by the ISP?    D

12) Which letter identifies a subdirectory created by the web designer (the user)?   E

The text-only browser Lynx

13) Which text-based browser is shown above?   Lynx

Read the following passage:

Clicking Internet Explorer’s edit button opens Windows’ Notepad, a "plain-vanilla" text editor that displays the raw HTML code of the page. No help is available for the novice like one receives by using Composer or Netscape Gold, which are fondly known as WYSIWYG (pronounced "wisee-wig") web page editors.

14) Describe in a sentence what a WYSIWYG web page editor is.  A WYSIWYG web editor generates HTML code as the user develops the web page. The developer does not need to know HTML code because the program creates it as design elements are added to the page.

15) Name the title of the page being shown below? The News Discussion Page

 The News Discussion Page

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