The North American Review: A Chronicle of the American People

The birth of our Republic is a momentous historical occasion that will be examined by historians and students of history for centuries to come. It is the role of a free press in a democracy to record the events and actions of its citizens, both great and small, for all posterity. This chronicle is  a compilation of news reports on the major events that witnessed the birth of our republican form of government.

Kind reader, you are encouraged and entreated to participate with us in the growth of our nation's civic pride. Please review the articles below and send us your comments via electronic courier. Share with us your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on these admirable topics. If your commentary meets the standards of the editor, your verbiage may find immortality within the pages of our publication.

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The Origins of the American Republic: A Revolutionary Newspaper

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A webquest with questions for each of the topics covered in the newspaper is available for teachers and students of this period.

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