Stamp Act Passed  Citizens React

A stamp tax has been imposed on the British subjects of North America. As part of a piece of legislation named the Stamp Act, Parliament is intent on raising funds for what it claims is the defense of her empire through the taxation of various essential goods.

The Year of our Lord 1765 and the month of March has been a terrible one for Britain's colonies. The Parliament thinks the Stamp Act will raise money for all of the British troops stationed  in America, but the people in America think otherwise. "This is not right" said a local plantation owner. "The people hate it" said the plantation owner's wife "and so do I" she later quoted. The act itself is a plan devised by King George and the British Parliament to pay for the presence of all the British troops in America. There is now an awful bad tax placed on such items as: deeds, mortgages, liquor, playing cards, and almanacs. Local pub owner Mark Sideman is furious about the tax. "I've lost me business. No one wants to buy me bloody beer or wine because the tax is mighty high." Several "riots" have developed due to the Stamp Act. "No taxation without representation" has been a popular saying among the colonie's common folk, showing how much the Stamp Tax is hated among them. " The British troops can suffer just as we are suffering now" is the opinion of a local  farmer.

We gathered a bit of information on  John Adams, one of the people involved in this new Stamp Act.  Mr. Adams hails from Braintree, Massachusetts, but since he just arrived on the horrible scene, we can only give you a little bit of information about him.  John is a 29 year old Harvard graduate who is also an ex-school teacher.  Mr. Adams has already expressed his feelings about the violence and he said that he is not one of the radicals, but, we will have to bloody find out later as this catastrophe carries on.  Trust me fellows I will keep you informed on the bloody horrible act that is continuing to ruin the lives of all the citizens on all of the colonies.

A warning from the Governors of these colonies has been placed in this publickation, 
the North American Review.
Obey the Stamp Act


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