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Special thanks are extended to Dr. William Gilmore-Lehne of Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Stockton, New Jersey for the use of images found at his website called Clio's Digital Forge.

Oher images were provided courtesy of The American Memory Project at the Library of Congress.


The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta: An Introduction
Magna Carta: the History Channel
Teaching American History
Images for Magna Carta

The Mayflower Compact

A Mayflower History

Mayflower Compact: the History Channel
Images for Mayflower Compact
The Virginia Charters

The First Virginia Charter

Charter, Definition, and History
Images for the Virginia Charter
The English Bill of Rights

The English Bill of Rights and the US Bill of Rights (PDF)

English Bill of Rights: Teach America
Images for English Bill of Rights Be aware that Google can't separate images of the English Bill of Rights and the American Bill of Rights. Be sure you are using an image of the English Bill of Rights. if you see the word "Congress" in the image, it's the American Bill of Rights.
Virginia Declaration of Rights

The Charters of Freedom: National Archives

Library of Congress
Virginia Declaration of Rights: A Slideshow
Images for Virginia Declaration of Rights
Declaration of Independence

The History Channel

Teaching American History
History Place
Our Documents
Images for Declaration of Independence
Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom

Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
From Digital History
From Monticello (Jefferson's Home)
Images for Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom 
The Articles of Confederation

Facts and Summary
From Our Documents
Dept. of State: Office of the Historian
Images for Articles of Confederation
Additional Resources

British flag images

Kings of England
Colonial American Flags
Maps of England in the 1700s
Maps of original 13 states
Independence Hall
Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration
Religious freedom in the early American states
Don't tread on me


Then Federalist Papers (Yale)
American Revolution Links
Archiving Early America
The American Revolution Homepage
The Discovery Channel's US History Lesson Plan Index
Revolutionary War Links
PBS Series on Thomas Jefferson
University of Georgia: Maps of Revolutionary America
Yale Law: 18th Century Documents
Social Studies Around the Web (Rich in resources)
The Dennis Boals Social Studies Index: Revolutionary Links
The George Washington Papers
Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens
George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress
The Mining Company: A Definitive Collection of US History Links
Maryland Loyalists and the Revolution
Independence Hall Virtual Reality
Valley Forge
American History and Government Hotlist