second continental congress meets for the first time

Today the Second Continental Congress met because the British government ignored the First Continental Congress, and to discuss governmental duties and  to unite the colonies, preparing for war. Fighting last month in April between
Massachusetts farmers and British troops at Lexington and Concord stirred up  anxiety and nervousness among settlers. Thus, delegates called for a meeting as previously promised if needed. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John  Hancock were among the new delegates attending the meeting. The Second Continental Congress is organizing an army and planning on appointing George
Washington as commander in chief. The delegates estimate that we shall fight  British rule sometime in July of this year. The delegates have made it quite clear that our colonies are seeking fair treatment from Britain, not necessarily  independence. The Second Continental Congress is encouraging the colonies to adopt new republican governments. Congress plans on issuing a declaration setting forth the need to take up arms and the reasons for doing so in the next few months. By way of the Olive Branch Petition, delegates to the Congress have tried to settle this conflict through compromise with  the King so there will not have to be more fighting, however it does not seem he
will comply.


Today in Philadelphia the Second Continental Congress met for the first time.  Samuel Adams was one of many individuals that served as a delegate for the Congress.  He was also a delegate for the First Continental Congress in September of 1774.  When the first Congress met they had plans to seek fair treatment from Great Britain instead of independence.   However after the British government continued to ignore the Congress, they felt the need to meet again. Samuel Adams has been against the British Parliament for many years. In the past he has opposed several British laws, including the Stamp Act.   Adams was even the ringleader of the Boston Tea Party.
Samuel Adams is a patriot that believes the American colonies should have independence. He also believes strong measures should be taken against Great Britain.  Today the Congress decided that the colonies want independence from Great Britain.  They want independence because they are tired of unfair British taxation. Moreover, British military presence must be removed so that Americans no longer need to worry about recent battles like Lexington and Concord happening again.  Now maybe Samuel Adams won't have to worry about protesting Great Britain and can work toward helping the colonies become independent. 



The congress is coming into office again, and for what? They want to sign a declaration to gain our independence. But from who? Britain? Our mother country? I came over to America to be free, yes, but from all the religious laws I didn't expect to be free from Britain. Yes, I may not like the fact that Britain has control over whatever the colonies  do, but I do not  think we should be free from them. We should be loyal. It is the whole point of starting a new colony,  to have certain freedoms but still be loyal to your founding country. Now, we are in war with Britain because the colonies want to be free from them. See what the insane people are doing to us? They  are trying to turn us away from Britain, and it is working. They started a navy and are taking the form of a government  because they think that everybody wants to be free just because they want to. Well, I've got news for them, not everybody wants to be free. I hear that now they want to draw up Articles of Confederation. But why? Why are we letting our congress do this to us? I see the colonies in the future enduring a major downfall.

When I came to America, I  expected all kinds of freedoms. Now that we have a good congress, I feel that we are finally getting those freedoms. Even if it means have to fight until 1785, we'll do it. I also think that it's a great idea that they want to draw up  Articles of Confederation. The congress is doing a better job now that John Hancock is in presiding. Not saying that the late Peyton Randolph was a bad president, but nothing got done while he was in there. I mean they thought about doing stuff but, never followed through on their plans. My deepest regret to his family, though. I think that creating the navy and putting Washington in charge was a good idea. Some one needs to take action in fighting the British off and why not send someone who does a good job? I think that you, as the people of the colonies, should care about the future of our land and see what is happening.  The "Declaration of Independence" that their working on is a good idea and could lead the colonies to a brighter and safer future.

Samuel Adams

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