Shays Rebellion News Article Quiz

Q: 1.  On January 25, 1787, _____________ __________ led a rebellion of farmers to the arsenal at Springfield, Ma.

Q: 2.  There is a variety of paper currency, but not much value is being put on it, so what did the rebles demand because of this?

Q:  3.  Who was the editor who agreed with what Daniel Shays did?

Q: 4.  Daniel Shays served as Captain in what war?

Q:  5.  In what year did Daniel Shays start protesting with fellow farmers about the high taxes and the economic conditions?

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1.  A:  Daniel Shays
2.  A:  Paper money.
3.  A: I. B. Free
4.  A: The Revolutionary War
5.  A:  August 1786.


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