The Bowman House
The Town of Boonsboro
Population: 2,609

 Mayor: Charles F. "Skip" Kauffman Jr.

 The original name for Boonsboro is Boons Borough. The spelling of the name has been changed to something that is a lot more simpler to say. The spelling of the name is Boonsboro. The founder of Boonsboro is John Shafer The town of Boonsboro has a lot of interesting thing to see. Boonsboro started out with 29 houses and was growing, they had carpenters, blacksmiths, masons, tinsmiths, shoemakers, saddlers, clock makers, potters, wagon maker, and a coffin maker.

 The town was founded by William and George Boone. They were relatives of the more famous Daniel Boone. The land deeds of the town listed the name of the town be Boones Berry. Between the the years of 1798 the town was named Margaretsville, named after George Boones wife, Magaret. By that time, the name was changed to Boons Borough, the "e" was dropped out of the name. The name was shortened to Boonsboro around 1841 or 1842. The Washington Monument which was built by the Boonsboro citizens is to be the earliest built in the honor of the country's first president. It was dedicated on July 4, 1827.

 Some sights to see while you are in the town of Boonsboro:

 Boonsboro Museum of History

 Crystal Grottoes Caverns

 Washington Monument State Park

 South Mountain Battlefield



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