Hagerstown City Park
Enter City Park
Hagerstown City Park has a variety of different attractions including: the Jonathan Hager House and Museum, the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, a band shell and steam engine, softball fields, a concession stand, and a variety of waterfowl at its three man-made lakes.
The Jonathan Hager House is a historical site that was built in 1739. This was the home, trading post, fort, and blacksmith shop for Hagerstown's founder. The Jonathan Hager Museum has many artifacts including the symbol for Hagerstown "Little Heiskell", the 1769 Hessian soldier weather vane.
The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts has a collection of fine arts ranging from Old Masters to modern works. This sixty year-old museum also displays pieces by national and local artists but is mainly known for its nineteenth century American Art.
Hagerstown's Museum of Fine Arts, City Park
City Park is a family environment.  Picnics are a popular activity at the park's pavilions, softball games are common at its fields, and snacks are available at the concession stand. But one activity enjoyed by many visitors is to feed dry corn to the ducks, geese, and all of the other different waterfowl. Come visit the City Park at Hagerstown's South End between Virginia Ave. and the railroad yard.


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