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Clear Spring, Maryland

As one continues down the national pike, one will encounter a little town with a population of only about 415 people. Clear Spring is this small town that is encountered in the Maryland mountains. Clear Spring received its name because there is a crystal clear spring that runs right through the heart of the town. Clear Spring is located 12 miles west of Hagerstown. Martin Myers founded Clear Spring 1821. He was very impressed with the natural beauty, so he decided to settle there. 

Clear Spring has based its economy on tourism. During the winter many people go there to relax themselves on the slopes skiing. Whitetail Ski Resort brings people from all over Maryland because they can relax as they involve themselves in winter sports. Also in Clear Spring, one will come across a state park called Fort Frederick. This was a fort that remained sturdy since the French and Indian War which ended in 1756.

For more information, Yahoo has posted information on Clear Spring, including an interactive map.

Clear Spring High School has its own home page.

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