The Center Square, Funkstown, MD
Funkstown, Maryland
Funkstown is a small town located 2 1/2 miles southeast of Hagerstown.  It has a population of 1,146.  Funkstown was founded by brothers Henry and Jacob Funk in 1754.  Until the mid 19th century the town was known as Jerusalem.  Henry Funk tried to make Funkstown the county seat in 1776, but Jonathan Hager, the founder of Hagerstown, beat Funk to Annapolis. 

The local commerce during those early years included a paper mill, a  powder mill, a sawmill, a woolen mill, along with several inns, taverns, and a wagon yard.

On Friday morning, July 10, 1863, at 6 a.m. General J.E.B. Stuart met Gen. John Buford for the Battle of Funkstown.  The battle was located across the North East section of Funkstown.  A hospital was made from Mrs. Chaney's large dwelling.  Gen. Fitz Lee called off the battle after 479 (196 Federal and 283 Confederate) men were either killed or injured.  J.C. Weisner, with the help of his daughter, built a memorial honoring World War I veterans.  It is the finest memorial in Western Maryland, and one of only seven in Maryland.  The memorial was dedicated in 1921.  Funkstown is still a charming and beautiful town.  Many famous people have stopped over the years to shop and enjoy the town, such as, George Washington, John Brown, Lady Bird Johnson, Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, just to name a few.  Many of the historical buildings in the town are still in use.  Over the years, Funkstown has expanded and now has a fire company, two church buildings, a Legion home, a Red Men's Club, antique shops, a community park, a post office, an elementary school, and many personally owned businesses.

Thanks to Steven Moore for additional information.


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