The skyline of mountains near Hancock, MD
Hancock, Maryland
Welcome to the Interactive Atlas of Western Maryland's Hancock, Maryland  Page. Hancock is a rustic town that rests at the narrowest point of Maryland's width. It was an outpost on the indian frontier during the colonial period, and today, it is a symbol of America's Appalachian heritage where many old ways exist side by side with the modern world. There is even an old Indian trail that leads to and runs through the town of Hancock itself. The name of it is the "Nemecolon". Hancock's main street is on the site of this former indian trail.

The top Hancock area attractions are the C&O Canal Museum, Fort Fredrick, Sideling Hill Exhibit Center, and Rails To Trails/C&O Canal. Hancock all so has special events yearly. Like the Hancock's Canal Apple Day's Celebration, and the Haloween Parade.


C&O Canal Museum - phone:  301-678-5463 for information. It is operated by the National Park Service.

Fort Fredrick - phone: 301-842-2155/for information. This is a stone fort that was built in 1756 during the French & Indian War. - Sideling Hill Exhibit Center - phone # 301-842-2155/for info. You will find many exhibits here. It is located on Interstate 68, West of Hancock. -

The city of Hancock maintains its own web page. Please visit the web site to learn more about this historic town.

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