Hagerstown Community College
Image: Hagerstown Community College Administration Building
The great services of Hagerstown Community College began in 1946. After 50 years, more than  6,000 students attend the facility on Robinwood Drive. 

Two year associate degrees are offered in arts, science, and applied science. One year certificate programs are also offered. Degrees and certificates are given in 39 different fields. Non-credit courses are also given. 

HJC holds morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend courses. This is to fit the schedules of busy and working students. 

Sports are also a valuable aspect of  Hagerstown Community College. Intercollegiate sports include: men's and women's cross country, men's  and women's outdoor track, women's volleyball, men's and women's basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and soccer. Students may also enroll in credit and non-credit intramural sports.

Many HJC publications are available to students, alumni, and friends. The Student Handbook is given as a guide to campus life. It is published by the Student Government Association and is given at the beginning of the year. The Hawkeye is the HJC newspaper and is on sale every month. Students may write, and draw  for this paper. "Horizons" is centered around educational and cultural advances on campus. It also names current activities of Hagerstown Community College graduates.

A new learning resource center, alumni association, and an amphitheater are under construction and will begin in the fall of 1997.
Most students attend part-time while working. While some students are traditional and make a full-time commitment to HJC. The average student is 28 years old.

Tuition per Credit Hour:

Washington County Residents: $70
Out of County Residents: $100
Out of State Residents: $132

Board of Trustees for HJC

Chair: Merle Elliott
Secretary/Treasurer: Norman Shea
Other Members: Wayne Alter, Jr.
Roger Fiery, Jr.
Florence Murdock
Carolyn W. Brooks
Donald Harsh, Jr.
William Reuter

The web site for Hagerstown Community College is located  at http://www.hagerstowncc.edu/


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