Sideling Hill
Sideling Hill

Highway 68 runs through Sideling Hill of the Allegeny Mountains, not on top or around the base, RIGHT THROUGH. The project cost twenty million dollars and over five million dollars in explosives. The blast created a V-shaped wedge 340 feet deep and 810 feet long. The rock layers that were exposed predate the dinosaurs by 100 million years. At the base of the cut is four-story Sideling Hill Exhibit Center. There, Maryland State Park Service personel and geologists are on hand to explain the color coded sedimentary layers of the Paleozoic period. 350,000 people visit the center a year. It has classrooms for college geology courses and grade school earth science. The visitors center is open 9 AM to 5 PM everyday except holidays. Call (301) 842-2155 for more information.

For another look at Sideling Hill, visit this page with a BIG photo of the outcropping by Phil Candela.
From the Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Sideling Hill.

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